Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of the chairmen of the committees and a further 12 regular, elected members of the Society. The members of the Advisory Council participate in meetings of the Executive Board in an advisory capacity.

Elected Members of the Advisory Council:

  • Albert Bosch,
    Department of Microbiology, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Margarita Del Val,
    Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa, Universidad Autònoma de Madrid, Campus de Cantoblanco, Spain
  • Paul Duprex,
    Director, Cell and Tissue Imaging Core, Dept. of Microbiology,
    Boston University School of Medicine, USA
  • Urs Greber,
    Institute of Molecular Life Sciences,
    University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Michael Kann,
    UMR-CNRS 5234, University of Bordeaux 2, France
  • Marion Koopmans,
    Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Thomas Mettenleiter,
    Department of Molecular Biology,
    Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, Germany
  • Albert Osterhaus,
    Department of Virology,
    Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
  • Lennart Svensson,
    Head, Div. of Molecular Virology, Med. Faculty,
    University of Linköping, Sweden
  • Jan Svoboda,
    Dept. of Viral and Cellular Genetics, Institute of Molecular   Genetics, Czech Republic
  • Veronika von Messling,
    Clinical Virology Unit,
    Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen, Germany
  • Friedemann Weber,
    Institute for Virology, FB10 – Veterinary Medicine, Gießen, Germany