The European Society for Virology (ESV) is a non-profit organization founded on 30 October 2008. Since then, it has provided a forum for scientists active in all aspects of Virology. The stated aim of the Society is to advance the art and science of Virology and to promote and stimulate the exchange of information and collaboration among individual scientists as well as among national and international associations of Virology throughout Europe. To achieve these goals, ESV organizes congresses and courses, offers fellowships and promotes education in Virology at all levels, and represents the science, art and profession of Virology to governmental and regulatory institutions of the European Union, the media and the general public.

Today, ESV counts more than 500 individual members from 53 countries inside and outside Europe and has as corporate members the national societies for Virology in European countries with altogether more than 3700 members.

The objectives of the European Society for Virology include the following tasks:

  • Promoting the exchange of information and the collaboration among national and international Virology associations and scientists.
  • Representing the interests of European Virology towards governmental and regulatory institutions of the European Union
  • Obtaining and securing existing and future promotional subsidies and improving the conditions for scientific work and continuous education in Virology.
  • Supporting the promotion of young scientists in the field of Virology
  • Deciding upon the time and place of the European Congress of Virology and advising the organizers in the financial arrangements

The organs of the Society are the Executive Board, the Advisory Council, the Committees, and the Assembly of Members.