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Post-doc or PhD Student position in viro-immunology

CIRI, Center for Infectiology Research
UMR5308 – Université
Lyon 1– ENS Lyon, France

We are currently inviting applications from enthusiastic post-doctoral candidates (2-year position) or PhD student (3-year position) to participate in our project supported by
the French National Agency.
The research program centers on viruses and innate response: single cell monitoring of antiviral response and translation arrest in the course of infections.

The host lab is part of the CIRI, a center for infectious disease
research, which promotes an integrated approach in the study of
host-pathogen interactions, connecting researchers in disparate
fields ranging from immunology, virology, bacteriology,
epidemiology, etc.. The lab provides state-of-the-art facilities to
perform cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, as well as
Biosafety Level 3 laboratories and animal housing. It is situated
on the Campus Charles Mérieux, a
research campus endowed with strong basic biology sciences,
with a particular dedication to research in infectious diseases. The
host lab is also part of the Ecofect LabEx (Laboratory of

Close collaboration with the team of Dr P. Pierre at CIML
a world-class immunology institute with a tradition of high quality
research. It provides an exceptional international research
environment, with a renowned graduate program. The CIML is
currently composed of 200 members in 14 research groups and 6
scientific core facilities. The CIML is located campus in the
Calanques national park in the south of France and is affiliated
with Inserm, CNRS and Aix-Marseille University.

Candidates: The applicants are expected to have a strong
background in molecular and cellular biology. Prior experience in
virology and/or immunology is highly advantageous.
The ideal candidate should be highly motivated, curious and
enthusiastic to work in a collaborative team. A proven ability to
identify key research objectives and meet agreed deadlines, in
addition to self-motivation, flexibility, and assistance with ongoing
projects in the lab. Excellent written and communication skills in
English is a requirement.

Please send one PDF file to
Marlene Dreux
containing the following:
– cover letter (with short statement of the research interests)
– concise summary of previous research training
– curriculum vitae including publication list and contact
details for 2-3 referees

1st march 2019

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