Election to the Advisory Council: Set Up of List of Candidates

According to the Statutes of the European Society for Virology, the election to the Advisory Council of the European Society for Virology should take place this year.

As a first step, the list of candidates has to be set up. Each full member of the Society is eligible for service on the Society’s Advisory Council and therefore can run as a candidate.

All full members are therefore invited to let us know if they are willing to run as a candidate for the election to the Advisory Council by writing an e-mail to info@eusv.eu  by May 15, 2016.

Please note that only candidates who have expressed their willingness until May 15 can be put on the ballot list.

According to the Statutes of the European Society for Virology, the Advisory Council consists of 12 elected regular members of the Society and the chairmen of the committees. They participate in meetings of the Executive Board in an advisory capacity. The elected members serve for a term of three years. A place on the Advisory Council also ends upon termination of membership in the Society.

The pre-election will be held electronically from June 20 to July 03, 2016. Those 12 candidates are elected who have received the most number of votes and who accept. In case of an equality of votes for position 12, all candidates with the same number of votes are considered to be elected. The results of the pre-elections will be reconciled in the Final Elections in the course of the Assembly of Members during the 6th European Congress of Virology in Hamburg, Germany in October 2016.

Prof. Dr. Giorgio Palù


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Fleckenstein

Secretary General